Keep your website up-to-date!

FDhosting offers at the same time maintenance contracts for your website. Updates of the used website-software regularly appears. These updates could contain software improvements, new functionality and safety updates. Especially the safety-updates are extremely important, first because hackers are constantly trying to hack websites and second because you as the website-owner wants to keep your website healthy. Of course the websites which are created by us can be edited by the owner himself, but often there is a lack of time or knowledge. FDhosting can take this all over from you, in order you can concentrate on your own business.

In addition to the above mentioned one wants to have his websites adjusted now and then. Sometimes one does the job himself, but having it done by a professional, i.e. FDhosting, is a lot easier. We can make you an offer or we can arrange a maintenance-contract.

At the moment FDhosting offers the following contracts and services:

  • Joomla website - software maintenance contract: your website will be kept up-to-date with the latest Joomla updates.
  • Searchingmachine optimalizing research of your website and an adequate advice for improvement.
  • Joomla website - maintenance contract or one-time service for website adjustments.
  • Prestashop webshop - maintenance contract or one-time service for website adjustments.

In case you are interested in one or more of the above mentioned subscriptions or services, please contact us.